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Aid in the form of 5 kilograms of fish is distributed to the families of those mobilized on Sakhalin

Relatives of those mobilized on Sakhalin will receive 5 kg of fish each, the head of the regional executive committee of “United Russia” Mykhailo Shuvalov said at a briefing dedicated to assisting families on Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands.

“About 9 tons of fresh-frozen fish have been allocated for the Sakhalin region. These are halibut, pollock, and chum. And shortly, our volunteers will deliver approximately 5-6 kg per person to the families of mobilized residents,” said Shuvalov.

According to him, this action is “one of the support measures”.

“This is a project, this is an action, as one of the support measures, which is not an exhaustive list of what the party does. And soon there will be fish in families,” Ofnez quotes Shuvalov.

Sakhalin is known for several cases of mobilization of people who do not meet the conditions of conscription. For example, one resident was drafted into the army despite being diagnosed with diabetes and having metal plates in his spine. A man with meningoencephalitis – inflammation of the membranes and substance of the brain – was mobilized in the Timiv region, “Dozh” reports on its Telegram channel.

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