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Zelenskyi said what scares him the most about Putin

Against the backdrop of the months-long war in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said what scares him the most about the head of the Russian state.

In an interview, the Ukrainian president said that the most frightening thing is the fact that Putin is aware of the devastation he has caused to the Ukrainian people with his invasion.

“The scariest thing for me is that he (Putin) is healthy and therefore understands perfectly well what’s going on. And I think that’s the most important conclusion that I can come to – that he knows what’s going on, he knows how many people he’s killed. He knows how many people were killed and by whom, he knows how many children were killed and deported,” Newsweek quoted Zelensky as saying.

According to him, the world allowed this to happen by allowing such a person to have power, and therefore “responsibility for the war in Ukraine lies with the whole world.”

Zelensky’s wife Olena admitted that it is difficult for her to find the words to describe her feelings for Putin.

She emphasized that with his invasion of Ukraine, Putin “rejected all humanity into the Middle Ages.”

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