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In Moscow, the Russian military conducted training on how to respond to a possible coup attempt

“Probably, the Kremlin is afraid of a coup d’état,” the American publication “Insider,” wrote.

According to the publication, at the end of October, about 18,000 soldiers and officers of elite army units and “Rosgvardiya” (a paramilitary formation subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs) were transferred to Moscow from other regions of the Russian Federation. “At the same time, the number of Russian servicemen in the Moscow Military District exceeded 100,000 people. About 86,000 military personnel are permanently stationed there,” the media added.

“The military conducted training on responding to a possible coup attempt against the president and commander-in-chief of the country, Vladimir Putin. The training was led by the deputy head of the Federal Security Service (FSO), General Oleksandr Komov,” Insider also reports.

The mass media adds that it has FSO documents, which claim that a psychological war is being waged against the Russian Federation.

“Through the mass media, social networks, and other channels, foreign agents are trying to hypnotize our fellow citizens. The main target is law enforcement officers and members of their families. Therefore, we call for increased vigilance,” the FSO urged, “Insider” added.

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