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Japan tightens sanctions against Russia

Japan announced today the strengthening of sanctions against Russia after the latest wave of Russian missile attacks on Ukraine, Reuters reports.

Tokyo expands the list of goods prohibited for export to Russia and freezes the assets of Russian representative offices and organizations.

The decision was made after Russian missile strikes on Ukraine killed at least 11 people yesterday.

“In light of the situation around Ukraine and in the name of the international community’s efforts to ensure peace, Japan will introduce an export ban, thus synchronizing its actions with those of other major countries,” the Japanese Ministry of Trade said in a statement.

The new sanctions include a ban on the export of goods for 49 Russian organizations, which will come into effect on February 3.

There is an assumption that these types of goods can be used to increase the military potential of Russia. These are goods such as water cannons, gas extraction equipment, X-rays, explosives, and robots, the Japanese ministry explained.

In addition, Japan will freeze the assets of three Russian organizations and 22 Russian individuals.

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