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Pais: Brussels to fund oil pipelines in Hungary to get Orban to support Russian oil embargo

The European Commission hopes to overcome Hungary’s veto on the oil embargo against Russia and approve the sixth package of sanctions in connection with the invasion of Ukraine, the newspaper “Pais”. According to European sources, the commission is in talks with Viktor Orban’s government on an EU investment program that will help reduce Budapest’s dependence on Russian oil.

Hungary continues to block a sixth package of sanctions against Moscow, including an oil embargo due to its heavy dependence on Russian oil imports, the newspaper said.

The Commission’s plan calls for a transition period to cut off Russian oil supplies to some EU countries, during which new infrastructure will be built. The newspaper’s sources hope that a possible agreement between Brussels and Budapest will allow sanctions to be approved this week or next.

The plan to adapt the EU’s infrastructure plans to build new pipelines from the west and south in some cases and to expand or increase the capacity of existing facilities in others. Negotiations with the Hungarian authorities include EU investments to finance the pipeline network and specific implementation deadlines.

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